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Mohsin Yaqoob

Full-stack Engineer

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir | Noida, India

  • Mohsin Yaqoob

  • +919055404321



A multidiciplinary developer with passion for elegant, innovative and functional user interfaces. Over 3 years of experience in full-stack engineering industry with more than 20+ projects delivered. Designed pioneering digital products across industry verticals including retail, healthcare, automotive, finance and more.

Professional Life

  • October 2021 - Present *

  • July 2019 - August 2021

  • January 2019 - July 2019

  • March 2017 - December 2018

  • Senior Software Engineer, QSS Technosoft Inc

  • Full-stack Developer, CodeMites

  • .NET Developer, Interface Technologies

  • UI/Layout Designer, Captured Illusions


  • November 2019 - July 2021

  • July 2015 - August 2015

  • August 2015 - September 2018

  • Masters in IT, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar.

  • GNIIT Cloud & Mobile Software Enginering, NIIT, Srinagar.

  • Bachelors in IT, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar.

Work Done


Customer Crunch, Sydney, AU

At Customer Crunch, I was a part of the SPARCA team. SPARCA is a unique AI product thats allows businesses to conduct a strategic analysis of their capabilities across functions, at speed and have actionable results within days.

What I did at SPARCA.AI :

  • Design reusable UI components for the SPARCA dashboard App

  • Use Material UI 4 to create layouts for smaller and larger screens

  • Manage global state with Redux and Redux Toolkit

  • Implement role based component rendering with multiple dashboard layouts

  • Write unit tests with Jest and React Testing Library

Automation Command Center

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, France

Worked as a full-stack engineer with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, France. Implemented best design paterns on the Autumation Command Center for VITROS.

What I did at Automation Command Center :

  • Design and scalable backend service using NodeJS and NestJS

  • Implement common design patterns and ensure good code quality

  • Write a custom parser the data comming in from a WebSoket to the backend service

  • Create reusable wrapper components on top of the Ant Design System using ReactJS

  • Use Redux and Redux Toolkit to manage global state on the client side

Buddy Books

ObjectiveEd, California, USA

Worked on the reading app for kids built on top of React and Material UI. BuddyBooks reads with students, and provides with concrete data on how long the students are reading the books they have been assigned. BuddyBooks will even tell if the students didn't actually read.

What I did at Buddy Books :

  • Create reusable components using React and Material UI 4

  • Add functionality to use the browser media services like Microfone and Speakers

  • Ensure code reusability on the dashboard app

  • Implement data visuaization and analytics using Nivo Charts Library

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